The products on this site were created by the people behind the Piccolo open source projects.


Piccolo has a popular blog, where technical articles are posted often.

Sometimes we have content to share which is impractical for a blog post. Usually it's a larger topic, and can take hundreds of hours to research and write, which is where the books come in.

It's our opportunity to share knowledge we've gained through working on advanced open source projects, such as Piccolo.

If you're a programmer investing in your personal development (perhaps through some funding you have in work), consider investing in one of our books.

Living content

Unlike traditional print books, these books are undergoing constant improvement as we receive feedback from readers, and the technical landscape changes.

Your license key gives you access to the book, along with future updates, which are accessible via this website.


All payments are handled by Gumroad. This allows us to offer our products internationally, even though we're based in the UK.

When you purchase a book on Gumroad, you are given a download link for a watermarked PDF version of the book. You also get a license key.

If you enter the license key on the relevant page of this website, you gain access to the HTML version of the book.

The PDF version has been optimised for mobile devices such as tablets, so is a great option when on the go. The HTML version is a great option while working at your desktop machine.


If you have any questions, you can contact us via this form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible: